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The Shinji Shobogenzo is  collection of three hundred and one Chinese koans: stories describing the teachings, conversations, and actions of ancient Buddhist masters. It was compiled in the 13th century by Master Dogen, the founder of the Soto Sect of Buddhism and one of the most brilliant philosophers in Japanese history. This essential collection encompasses many of the well-known koan stories and other interesting and less familiar ones, and is presented here together with a commentary by Gudo Nishijima Roshi, a contemporary Buddhist master renowned for his clear and no-nonsense approach.

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“I pay homage to Gautama, to he, who out of compassion, taught the true Dharma as the relinquishing of all views

‘Throughout this translation, I have sought for Dogen’s meaning in Nāgārjuna’s verses. Since Dogen’s explanation of Buddhist theory and practice in the Shobogenzo is complete, it makes a reliable and entirely consistent basis on which to interpret Nāgārjuna, particularly as Dogen claims to be expounding the teachings of the Patriarchs in his lineage, of whom Nāgārjuna is one.’ (Michael Eido Luetchford)

‘Shobogenzo’ is a collection of works written by the 13th century Japanese Buddhist monk and founder of the Japanese Sōtō Zen school, Eihei Dōgen. All four Shobogenzo books are available as downloads. For further information on what ‘Shobogenzo’ is, follow THIS LINK

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