Talk Transcripts

Here are transcripts of some of the talks given at retreats between 2002-2009

Talks given at the Summer 2009 Sesshin at EarthSpirit
EarthSpirit 2009 – Talk 1
EarthSpirit 2009 – Talk 2
EarthSpirit 2009 – Talk 3

Talks given at the 2009 Sesshin in the Czech Republic
2009 CZ The State of Buddhism
2009 CZ The Purpose of Zazen
2009 Cz Ceremony and Tradition
2009 CZ Morality and Religion
2009 CZ The Buddhist View of Living

Talks on Nagarjuna’s Mulamadhyamakakarika given at the Summer 2008 Sesshin at Earth Spirit
Nagarjuna’s MMK 1.pdf
Nagarjuna’s MMK 2.pdf
Nagarjuna’s MMK 3.pdf
Nagarjuna’s MMK 4.pdf
Nagarjuna’s MMK 5.pdf

Talks on Uji given at the Summer 2007 Sesshin at Earth Spirit
2007 Summer Sesshin-Uji 1.pdf

Talks on Kuge given at the January 2007 Sesshin at Rowardennon
2007 Winter Sesshin-Kuge 1.pdf
2007 Winter Sesshin-Kuge 2.pdf
2007 Winter Sesshin-Kuge 3.pdf
2007 Winter Sesshin-Kuge 4.pdf
2007 Winter Sesshin-Kuge 5.pdf

Talks given at the Padma Farm retreat in the Czech Republic in June 2006
2006 Padma Farm retreat – What is Buddhism?
2006 Padma Farm retreat – Eight Truths of a GreatPerson
2006 Padma Farm retreat – Right and Wrong

Talks on Ikka No Myoju given at September 2006 Summer Sesshin at Earth Spirit
Ikka No Myoju – A modern interpretation
2006 Summer Sesshin-Ikka No Myoju 1.pdf
2006 Summer Sesshin-Ikka No Myoju 2.pdf
2006 Summer Sesshin-Ikka No Myoju 3.pdf
2006 Summer Sesshin- The Four Views.pdf

Talks on Shoaku Makusa given at January 2006 Sesshin at Rowardennon
2006 Winter Sesshin-Shoaku Makusa 1.pdf
2006 Winter Sesshin-Shoaku Makusa 2.pdf
2006 Winter Sesshin-Shoaku Makusa 3.pdf
2006 Winter Sesshin-Shoaku Makusa 4.pdf
2006 Winter Sesshin-Shoaku Makusa 5.pdf

Talks on Bussho given at September 2005 Summer Sesshin at EarthSpirit
2005 Summer Sesshin-Bussho 1.pdf
2005 Summer Sesshin-Bussho 2.pdf
2005 Summer Sesshin-Bussho 3.pdf
2005 Summer Sesshin-Bussho 4.pdf

Talks on Bussho given at January 2005 Winter Sesshin at Rowardennan
2005 Winter Sesshin-Bussho 1.pdf
2005 Winter Sesshin-Bussho 2.pdf
2005 Winter Sesshin-Bussho 3.pdf
2005 Winter Sesshin-Bussho 4.pdf
2005 Winter Sesshin-Bussho 5.pdf

Talks on Bussho given at Sept 2004 Summer Sesshin at EarthSpirit
2004 Summer Sesshin-Bussho 1.pdf
2004 Summer Sesshin-Bussho 2.pdf
2004 Summer Sesshin-Bussho 3.pdf
2004 Summer Sesshin-Bussho 4.pdf
2004 Summer Sesshin – Yoko on Sawaki.pdf

Talks on Uji given at Jan 2004 Winter Sesshin at Rowardennan
2004 Winter Sesshin-Uji 1.pdf
2004 Winter Sesshin-Uji 2.pdf
2004 Winter Sesshin-Uji 3.pdf
2004 Winter Sesshin-Uji 4.pdf
2004 Winter Sesshin-Uji 5.pdf

Introductions to Shobogenzo Chapters – talks given at 2003 Summer Sesshin at EarthSpirit
2003 Summer sesshin1.pdf
2003 Summer sesshin2.pdf
2003 Summer sesshin3.pdf
2003 Summer sesshin4.pdf
2003 Summer sesshin5.pdf

Talks on Genjo-koan given at 2002 Summer Sesshin at EarthSpirit
Genjo-koan – A modern interpretation
2002 Summer sesshin-Genjo Koan 1.pdf
2002 Summer sesshin-Genjo Koan 2.pdf
2002 Summer sesshin-Genjo Koan 3.pdf
2002 Summer sesshin-Genjo Koan 4.pdf
2002 Summer sesshin-Genjo Koan 5.pdf

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